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With a deep passion in the field of eCommerce, we continuously create exquisite user experiences for eCommerce apps and websites. This helps our partners achieve their business goals and deliver user satisfaction, including:
– Create e-commerce strategies and plans.
– Consulting and operating the e-commerce system.
– Use customer data to shape and adjust strategy.

Operating motto

Product quality

High quality products, ensuring consumer safety

Customer care

Dedicated, fast and professional customer service

Good price

Prices are reasonable, competitive and suitable for consumers

Typical projects


The collaborative SEO project between NEXTOP and VIB has been implemented from 2021 to present. NEXTOP's implementation of the project scope included careful testing, research, strategy and planning. With a commitment to bring 2000 keywords to the top, achieve top 2 traffic and achieve the leading target with a conversion rate of 10%. The result was 80%.


Techcombank is one of the leading banks in the industry. Their requirement is to ensure important KPIs (such as opening new credit cards) are effective. NEXTOP's mission is strategic research and planning with a commitment to ranking for 2000 keywords and ensuring top 2 traffic in the industry. The project implementation period is from 2020 to 2021 with the achieved result being 110%.


From 2021 until now, the project has expanded from strategic research to meticulous and thorough planning. NEXTOP's commitment is not simply to bring 2000 keywords to the top, achieving top traffic, but also to reach 100% leading target with a conversion rate of 10%. Under unremitting efforts, the results obtained were remarkable with an average achieved of 80%.


TOTO is a leading company in the field of Sanitary Equipment. Their requirement is not only to deeply understand customer perceptions but also to apply them to SEO/SEM strategies. NEXTOP must test, research and plan to rank for 1000 keywords, ensuring top traffic. It is important to achieve 100% leading KPI, with a conversion rate (CR) of 10%. The project lasts from 2021 to 2022.

Navigos Group

From 2021 to the present, Navigos Group's project has been carefully and effectively implemented by NEXTOP, including testing, strategic research, meticulous planning and implementation. We are committed to ranking 2000 keywords, achieving top traffic and reaching 100% leading target with 10% conversion rate. The average achieved result was 80%, reflecting the success of the project.

Genuine KLC massage chair

KLC is the leading massage chair distributor in Vietnam with nearly 100 branches. NEXTOP manages marketing plans on Facebook and Google Ads for each branch, MQL target is 300/month and CR is over 5%. At the same time, responsible for social network content to convey brand messages effectively and attractively. The goal is to reach 80% annual target. The project started in 2020 and is still ongoing.